Retirement Savings Savings – How the Right Strategy Can Keep Your Golden Years Golden

An effective retirement savings plan can be the difference between nsuccess and failure in your financial future, and all too often, it is exactly that. Folks who fail to develop an effective strategy are often “left out in  the cold” when it comes to their elder years They’re forced to either keep their full time job , get a part time job , or or possible cut back on the things they’ve come…

Estate Planning: Wills – Bloomberg: Your Money

Estate Planning: Wills

So, how important is it to have a will? It’s very important, assuming you want to maintain control of your assets and avoid the court system. But, before you grab a sheet of paper, you need to understand what should be done to make sure your will is effective and valid.


Crown Money Map Financial Software

Estate Planning Software Crown Money Map Financial Software

Crown Money Map Financial Software (previously Money Matters Software) is designed to ease your financial burdens by doing a lot of the thinking for you. This software is also a recommended Destination 1 resource on the Crown Money Map as a Software-Based budgeting solution. Crown Money Map…